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Click here to see Carroll Shelby drive the "Super Snake" shown in the Sold Car Gallery


ComfortCarConnection.Com is a Performance Muscle Car Web Site exhibiting cars from friends and family that have relied on David Randal of Randal's Restorations for professional services ranging from minor detailing to complete restorations. Some of these beauties are National Show Winners in ISCA , Mustang Club of America and the Shelby American Automobile Club. All the cars you see on this site have been personally inspected by David Randal, and you can take comfort in knowing that honesty is alive and doing business here. If you are looking to buy, sell, trade, locate, broker, inspect or restore a classic, e-mail Comfort Car Connection and we will work hard to reach your specific needs. When investing in a great muscle car, it is imperative to get what you pay for. We will protect your investment. Email us and put us to work for you. We specialize in Shelby Cobras, Shelby Mustangs (GT 350 and GT 500), Boss 429, Boss 351, Boss 302, Mach 1, and Mustang GT. We also have expertise in some hi-performance GM vehicles (427/435HP Corvette Stingrays and Convertibles) and the MOPAR automobiles such as the Hemi Superbird. We can be your car connection.

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